Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa - Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan was born Harbhajan Singh Puri in India on August 26, 1929.

Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji - Yogi Bhajan, a Master of Kundalini Yoga by the age of 16 – itself a rare feat –gave his first lecture at a Los Angeles high school gym on January 5, 1969. Then a 39-year-old recent émigré from India, he left behind a government career in order to realize the vision of bringing Kundalini Yoga to the West. No matter that not a single person was present that evening; he came to teach and he proceeded to speak to the empty hall.

In the turbulent, drug culture of the 60s, Yogi Bhajan first reached out to the youth. He recognized their experimentation with drugs and “altered states of consciousness” expressed a deeper desire to experience a holistic, liberating sense of awareness and a longing for family, for connection with themselves and one another. Soon realizing that pharmaceuticals provided, at best, a cheap imitation to the peaceful, inner euphoria they could get naturally from Kundalini Yoga, and at worst, had debilitating physical and mental side effects, young people began flocking to his classes, arriving by the busloads. He created a family, known as 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) and soon 3HO teaching centers began springing up across the United States and throughout the world.

He sparked a movement whose many tendrils have wound their way into our culture. Yogi Bhajan blazed a trail, which today, after more than 30 years of determined effort on the part of 3HO and the Kundalini Research Institute, yoga and meditation have gained widespread acceptance in the West. This popular attention speaks not only to the proven benefits of yoga and meditation, but to the increasing public interest in spirituality and a healthy lifestyle.

Born Harbhajan Singh in what is now Pakistan to a family of healers and community leaders, Yogi Bhajan studied comparative religion and Vedic philosophy in his undergraduate years, going onto receive his Masters in Economics with honors from Punjab University. Years later, he earned his Ph.D. in communications psychology from the University of Humanistic Studies in San Francisco.

He emerged as a religious, community and business leader with a distinguished reputation as a man of peace, world-vision, wisdom, and compassion. He has authored and published more than 30 books on topics ranging from spirituality and consciousness to communication and psychology. He has founded several foods companies that manufacture and distribute natural products based on these teachings. He has fostered economic development in every community in which he participates, annually conducts business seminars, and has authored several books that provide guidance to both the aspiring entrepreneur and seasoned business executive alike. As the Siri Singh Sahib, or the Sikh leader in the Western Hemisphere, he has met with Pope John Paul II to discuss inter-religious dialogue and worked side-by-side with the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop of Canterbury to foster world peace.

Yogi Bhajan left his body on October 6, 2004, at the age of 75. To many people, he hasn’t actually “died” because his presence is still so vibrantly with us. His divine wisdom and inspiration live on in the enlightened legacy of the vast Library of Teachings he created to serve us now, and for countless generations to come.

Our thought hypnotizes us.

Your thoughts are not you.

They are released by your intellect.

You know what a teacher is? A chiseler. A polisher. A designer, whose touch can make an ordinary human the master of time and space.

I still say every human who breathes is God, provided

that person realizes this truth and acts like God.

Every breath of life is a precious gift and it is wasted in

pursuing a thing called fear. That is why Guru Nanak said

“Have no fear and have no vengeance.”

You are not born to suffer.

Suffering comes when your mind does not move.

If you just feel happy for what you have, have an attitude

of gratitude, and be grateful, then it will come true,

you will be great and you will be full.

If you meditate every morning at the ambrosial hour and do it as

you have been directed, you become the Master Lord God.

The worst thing happening right now is ‘cold depression.’ It is a state of mind in which you are depressed, but you are not aware of it. You want to destroy everything you touch, because you don’t feel anything responds to you. What we need in our society today is compassion. That gives the power to listen with strength and tolerance.

A woman who forgets for one moment to be kind loses the game of life.

When you serve the karma of this planet, then your dharma is to serve, and God shall come through, will never abandon you.

Your discipline and your self-conduct can carry you to success.

Reality is that you have to be infinite because you come from the Infinite, you are part of Infinity, and you are to merge in Infinity. You can’t be limited. You try to limit yourself because of insecurity, that’s why you are so tightly holding on to your space. When a person is tied down and can’t move, he gets fatigued. Expansion gives you the capacity of enjoyment.

If somebody does wrong to me or to other people, it is not because they want to do it. They are insensitive to the glory, the grace, and the strength of the Self.

The spirit of the soul is dormant. If the dormant spirit is awakened, Self is achieved. If Self is achieved, the human is positive.

Every individual, right or wrong, good or bad, has a mission. Every mission has a magnitude. And every magnitude of mission requires manners and attitude. You can desire and deserve something. But if you don’t have the attitude and the manners to accomplish or maintain it, you won’t keep it. That’s why our marriages break, our children leave us and we attain wealth for a while, but then fall on our face. We can’t handle it.

The sixth chakra is extremely important for the inner happiness, inner projection, the very inner personality of your life. The beauty of this is, if you can understand this place called Agia chakra, sixth chakra, things will start working around you automatically.

Never forget that you are one human race created by a Creator for experience, intuition and consciousness. For centuries you have been asked not to practice any technology that teaches you intuition, because then you become stronger than the teacher. But tomorrow every student has to be ten times better than their teacher. That’s the principle of life, and it cannot be denied.

There is a great joy to life. I am not saying that you are all going to be good, but when all is worst then you are going to be good. Then you will have the courage, the endurance and the grace to go through all. Then everybody will say, ‘Oh my God, that person is a saint.’ That’s a real human. Then everybody will trust you, respect you and adore you. They will communicate with you. They will trust your forgiveness, your projection, and your personality because they will see the shining soul in you, the spirit of God.

There is only one force in us. It’s our self-respect, our love of self.  Self-respect means Nam. I love my identity because that’s all God gave me. He gave me my identity from Infinity, to identity myself to Infinity. Those who do not love their Infinity do not love their identity, and they will never get to Infinity. There is nothing more to learn.

God wants you to live, but there is a conflict. Those who obey the rule of life and want to live because God wants them to live, shall be happy, shall be at peace, shall be tranquil and shall be graceful. Their path will be clear. And those who want to live as they themselves want to live have to exert and hassle and sweat and use their reserve force and their ego.

The law of human life is that ‘I’ must transform itself into Infinity.

You can run after satisfaction all over the world, but satisfaction must come from within you.

The faculty of love is in the faculty of prayer.

In human life, only three things work: Strength, strength and strength. The fact is we don’t breathe deeply enough. These days they are saying, ‘Running and exercise is very essential.’ You know why? When you do that, you do have a powerful oxygen reaction in your bloodstream. That is the best vitamin you can ever take – your own breath of life.

You need three things: to be healthy, happy and holy. Those who want to be happy as egomaniacs cannot be with us. And those who want

to be happy because of consciousness shall never leave.

Everybody is a pitcher - same earth, same Maker, same seasoning. You can put honey or nectar or dirt or bad smelling water in your pitcher.

The choice is yours.

This nature around us, the vastness, the unlimited creativity and productivity and resources of it - that is the woman.

You have depth, you have dimension and you have direction.

You have to balance it out.

God is nothing but our own power of Infinity. It is our romance, it is our imagination, it is our reality. I can’t give it to you. You have to make it your own, as I made it my own. Each one

has to make his own reality of Infinity.

Sometimes you think potential is a reality and reality is a potential, that’s the biggest mess. If you have a potential for

something that does not mean you have it.

It is not good enough to be good all the time and talk about your good. The fact is you have to share your goodness; you have to spread

your goodness; you have to give people everything you have.

We are Atma (soul) born for a human experience;

we are not a human born for spiritual experience.

You have to find yourself: not before the mirror

but before your consciousness.

When someone says anything, don’t interrupt and don’t try to interpret. Let a person speak and listen. And then stop for a second and answer. You’ll be shocked how much you know, how impressive you are,

how effective you are and how deep you are.

This Dharma is not personal. It is not anybody’s property; it is not anybody’s affair. It is a combination of people who will work for the future. It’s the strength of the people who conquer their own mind.

It shall belong to those who will work selflessly for the

beauty of tomorrow and its generations.

When you feel upset about a situation, write it down, put it in an envelope and mail it to me (place the letter on your altar). You will feel lighter when you write it, you will have hope for an answer and it will give you a space which you need. This process is self-curing, self-elevating and self-purifying.

By your ego you get yourself, which is very earthly and very limited. Whenever you want to get to your own unlimited self,

you have to relate with gratitude.

Do you understand the word “family?” Family means, under all longitude and latitude, we keep our nucleus together.

Without the experience of Infinity you become everything except Infinity. And everything else does not mean anything.

In the Aquarian Age, the role of teachers is honesty – nothing

more, nothing less. They will teach others to be

frank, straightforward and honest.

The purpose of life is to go beyond time; into the future of clarity, unison-ness, grace and power of radiance. This is the divine in you.

Commitment does not begin anything;

commitment is the end in itself.

When you go to the root of your neurosis, you will always find the root cause. The moment you find it, you will be surprised, the root will be gone. It takes time and self-service. People do not want to recognize their own neuroses because it is very easy to blame others.

You live by breath, you grow by breath, you die by breath,

and you do not know the science of breathing?

Teacher doesn’t take help. Teacher is the help.

Teacher is a very unique relationship.

Let compassion win and you win.

Inner consciousness is the direction of the soul; it is not the direction of the ego. Mostly people hear ego and they call it “my inner self.” When anybody tells you, “my inner self says,” that person is not listening to the soul; he is listening to the ego. When your soul will

talk to you, you will not say anything.

What is karma?

Half finished actions.

In this path of life, you have to call on your impersonal. When you call on your personal self, then “I” has to come through with “my” problems, insecurities, handicaps. But when you call on your impersonal, then you call on your spirit, your Infinity. When you call on your Infinity you can come through anything, you shall never be handicapped. That is how you will enter the Age of Aquarius.

No one else can limit you. If you want to limit yourself, you can. Otherwise the entire resources of the Universe are yours to use.

We work to conquer the mind, to open our intuitive eye,

so we can see all is one and one is all.

Every person has animal nature and angel or God nature. You have to develop so that the angelic or God nature is handy and the animal nature is under control. You need the beast nature,

but it has to serve you.

Every 7 years consciousness changes. Every 11 years intelligence changes. Every 18 years lifestyle changes. It is the rule of the sun.

When a woman limits herself, there is no peace.

The ego is psychologically and biologically meant to

sustain our identity. It is not our purpose in life.

Wherever you are, if you study to be healthy,

happy and holy you will end up finding the dharma.

If you just go with the flow of your spirit, your mind will just serve you and life will be creative, elevated, beautiful and authentic. 

You are the master of your destiny, you are the prediction of your horoscope, you are the leader of your day, you are the light of your life.

Body is the shell experience.

Mind is the perpetual experience.

Soul is the real experience.

If you flow with the flow of life, you will be healthy, happy, holy, prosperous, intuitive, well-respected and understood. Otherwise

you are trouble to yourself, your neighbors, your

pets and worst of all to your children.

God made you as best as He/She/It could, would or should. Do not make doodoo of yourself. The breath of life is to be exalted.

Walk tall and feel free. Have no fear, no vengeance.

If a person in his lifetime has not achieved the progress to conceive or perceive or experience what he or she is, everything else is totally fake.

If you train to mentally send your white cells to where your red

blood cells are sick, you can heal yourself miraculously.

The banana is the only complete food (except for Vitamin C) and it has sufficient potassium to keep your potassium and magnesium in balance. The moment they are in balance, then calcium digests in the body perfectly and your bone structure and mental

structure become right.

When you take even a calculated risk of overusing yourself, even though time and space demands it, you have to pay for it.

That’s called karma.

Put your hand on the top of your head and bless yourself.

Five Sutras for the Aquarian Age

by Yogi Bhajan:

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.

Yogi Bhajan teachings

Sat Naam !